How do I…Ensure Vacation Coverage with PrescribeIT?

By Rashaad Bhyat

PrescribeIT® is Canada’s national e-prescribing service. It integrates seamlessly in electronic medical records (EMR) and pharmacy management systems (PMS), enabling prescribers to digitally send prescription data directly to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. In this occasional blog series, we’ll explore some of PrescribeIT’s features and functionalities in-depth. This installment explores your questions about PrescribeIT® and vacation coverage.

How do I…Ensure Vacation Coverage with PrescribeIT?

We have entered the last weeks of 2021: a time when many people look forward to holidays and a well-earned break. Taking time out to rest helps us stay balanced, happy and healthy — and that goes for clinicians, too.

Throughout the pandemic, the health sector has spoken more openly about the importance of clinician mental health and wellbeing. It’s no secret that clinicians manage heavy workloads, which means that down time is even more important to reduce the risk of burnout and help ensure better health outcomes for patients and providers alike. (For a more fulsome discussion about this topic, be sure to listen this recent podcast episode.)

While clinicians should be encouraged to protect their wellbeing, medication management doesn’t take vacations. Fortunately, PrescribeIT® can help ensure that your patients can continue accessing the medications they need, even while you are out of the office.

As Canada’s national e-prescribing service, PrescribeIT® digitally transmits prescription data directly between a prescriber’s EMR and the PMS of a patient’s pharmacy of choice. It also enables pharmacists to send e-renewal requests straight to an EMR. But what happens if your practice is being temporarily covered by a locum or another colleague?

In practical terms, there is no need to “pause” PrescribeIT® while you’re on vacation. e-Renewal requests will go to your EMR, where a locum or another clinician in your practice group can process them on your behalf. If your covering colleague is not PrescribeIT® enabled, they can simply send the renewal information to the pharmacy via fax. As long as they can access incoming messages through the EMR (i.e., via the EMR’s inbox), they’ll be able to respond to any e-renewal requests that arrive through PrescribeIT®.

PrescribeIT® integrates seamlessly in EMRs and pharmacy management systems, and it can be used in conjunction with other tools if necessary. This means that your colleagues won’t have to alter their workflows while you are away — and neither will you, upon your return!

You can learn more about other health professionals’ experiences with PrescribeIT® at Ask a Peer. Browse their answers to past questions and submit some of your own!

We hope this holiday season will offer you a chance for some rest and relaxation!

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Rashaad Bhyat

Dr. Rashaad Bhyat serves as Clinician Leader on the Engagement team at Canada Health Infoway. He is a family physician with a passion for digital health, advising Infoway on numerous initiatives across Canada since 2011, including virtual care, EMR adoption and optimization, electronic prescribing, remote patient monitoring, and increasing patient access to health records. He currently practices in an EMR-enabled family medicine clinic in the Greater Toronto Area.