Integrating technology into workflows to improve care delivery.

Connecting & Collaborating

The more clinicians and the health workforce know about how to integrate technology into their workflow to help improve care delivery, the more connected and collaborative they can become.

Digital health is more than technology — it’s the people who use it. Canada’s health system depends on clinicians, care providers and health workers in a wide variety of roles. Across the country, Infoway works with national, provincial and territorial partners to ensure they receive the support and resources they need to connect with their patients, to collaborate with each other and to deliver the best care possible.

Working Together

Through a variety of initiatives, we work with clinicians and the health workforce to accelerate the adoption of digital health. From helping to fund the adoption of foundational digital health technologies such as electronic medical records and e-booking solutions, to creating clinician peer networks, to supporting care providers who embraced virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to partner with clinicians and health workers to understand their needs and develop solutions that fit their workflows.

Learn more about past and present projects.

Success Stories

Across Canada, health workers are creating and deploying innovative solutions to meet a range of health system challenges. We’re pleased to celebrate their successes and use their examples as inspiration for a healthier future.

Hear their stories and learn how they’ve used digital health to make a difference.

Online Communities

Health care takes a community — in fact, it takes many. By bringing together many different perspectives from across the health system, we can:
  • Share best practices and build new knowledge
  • Support clinicians to develop expertise and facilitate learning
  • Identify common and unique challenges to digital health adoption and work together to find solutions.
Infoway helps health care providers connect and collaborate to develop new solutions and skills, and to participate in the greater good happening in waiting rooms and boardrooms from coast to coast to coast.

“In a particular instance, I had a patient who was seeing a psychiatrist. They were put on a few medications for anxiety. I almost immediately got a notification from the pharmacist saying that this patient was also on methadone. That’s a deadly combination, so I was able to cancel that prescription before the prescription was filled, and that averted a potentially fatal incident.”

—  Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia on the benefits of e-prescribing through PrescribeIT®


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