The more Canadians are empowered, the more connected and collaborative they’ll be.

Connecting & Collaborating

All around them, Canadians are witnessing great leaps in customer experience. Almost every facet of their lives is better, faster and more customized to their unique and individual preferences. They can get what they want, how they want it, where they want it — often, through a mobile or virtual experience. They’re excited about the possibility that digital health could be as transformative as digital and virtual banking, shopping, working and exercising. Health care is more challenging, more complex and requires greater cohesion. 

Infoway believes that a more connected and collaborative system is a healthier system. The more patients, families and caregivers are empowered through digital health literacy and tools, the more connected and collaborative they’ll be. 

Infoway consults regularly with patients, families and caregivers to learn what they need from their health system. Through surveys, collaboration tables, focus groups and more, Canadians help inform our actions across the country.

By the Numbers

of Canadians say they would use technology tools to help manage their health.
of Canadians want technology that puts them in greater control of their health.
of Canadians who had a virtual visit said it saved them time and money

Patient Stories

From St. John’s to Victoria to Iqaluit, Canadians are using digital health tools to help manage their health, assist their loved ones and communicate with health care providers. Through digital health solutions such as e-mental health tools and remote patient monitoring, patient portals and virtual care, Canadians are leading their heath care journeys and helping work towards a healthier system.

Centring the Patient Voice

Infoway engages with those who receive care to shape our strategies and enhance our services. We do this by listening to the perspectives of patients, their family members and their caregivers, and by working with them to identify and address their priorities. Across our organization and across the country, we are committed to collaborating with patients, families and caregivers as we work towards improving the health system. 

Learn more about our projects and collaborations, including our work to meet Patients Included requirements and our Patient/Family/Caregiver Recognition & Inclusion Statement.

Sandy Ketler believes digital health not only empowers patients, but enables patients to receive better care.

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