By the Numbers

of people who accessed their personal health information said they felt that they were more informed about their health
of people who accessed their personal health information said they avoided at least one in-person visit to a doctor and/or emergency room
of Canadians have accessed their personal health information electronically

Being Better Informed

The better informed patients are, the more connected and collaborative they can be.
Canadians who have access their personal health information (PHI) have more control over managing their own health.

In fact, most Canadians can now access some aspect of their personal health information online. This enables them to have more informed conversations with their health care providers. It also enables patients with chronic conditions to better manage their health and wellbeing. Access to PHI improves the patient experience and helps drive better health outcomes.

Infoway partners with various health stakeholders — including clinicians, researchers and government agencies — to help improve Canadians’ access to their PHI and to better understand the benefits of such access.

Benefit for Patients

Improving access to health information is critical in helping Canadians live healthier, happier lives. With greater access to PHI, patients can:

  • Better track and understand their overall health and conditions
  • Better manage their health
  • Have more informed and productive conversations with health care providers
  • Enjoy fewer in-person visits to a doctor and/or emergency room
Meet Toni, a busy mom from Duncan, British Columbia. She accesses her family’s medical information securely online through the Closing the Circle of Care project, which provides patients with digital access to their health information, while honouring the Cowichan Tribes’ Indigenous teachings and approach to care.

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