Collaborating with clinicians to build a connected digital health system in Canada

Supporting clinicians in their transition to digital

Connected systems are healthier systems. Along with governments, Infoway is engaging clinicians to ensure that digital health information systems across Canada work together seamlessly.

It’s essential to get clinicians’ perspectives to understand their unique needs and the needs of their patients, what works best in practice, and to support the adoption of digital technologies and common standards.

To support clinicians through their transition to digital health solutions, Infoway founded the Centre for Clinical Innovation in Digital Health (CIDH), a working group composed of health care providers and digital health experts.

Advancing interoperability

It’s important that digital health care information systems across provinces, territories, and care settings are interoperable – which means that they all "speak the same language,” and can share patient data safely and efficiently.

Infoway is leading a pan-Canadian initiative to establish common standards that will equip health care information systems across jurisdictions to communicate with one another. The CIDH will guide and support clinicians to grow their understanding and involvement in efforts to build an interoperable health system in Canada.

Image of two puzzle pieces that don't fit.
Health care providers across Canada have been transitioning to digital information systems, but different hospitals, practices and jurisdictions use different systems that suit their unique needs. As a result, not all health systems in Canada are able to share digital information with one another.

Project Aims

The CIDH’s objectives are to:

  • offer guidance, support, training and resources so that clinicians can better understand and use digital health tools in their daily work;
  • build community amongst healthcare professionals, inviting them to share their experiences and support one another as they adopt new technologies;
  • gather feedback from clinicians to ensure digital healthcare meets the real-world needs of healthcare providers and patients;
  • participate in conferences, discussions and leadership activities; and,
  • collaborate with medical associations across Canada to encourage adoption.

Supporting jurisdictions

As Infoway publishes new health information standards, the CIDH will ensure that each province and territory (jurisdiction) is supported to adopt them. Some jurisdictions already have strong programs, while others might need more support. CIDH will provide information, advice, and tools to make sure the digital transition goes smoothly.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the CIDH, please contact us.

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