Improving Services through Customer Centricity

By Darek Szadkowski

We all know the old adage that “the customer is always right.” The philosophy of customer centricity takes the idea further: it means working in a way that focuses first on providing a positive customer experience.

To realize this philosophy, PrescribeIT® has established the Product Excellence team, responsible for end-to-end product and workflow excellence to ensure market adoption and sustainability, while also ensuring and improving patient safety.

As a new member on the team I’ve been fortunate to engage with a diverse group of users. PrescribeIT® connects prescribers and pharmacists across the healthcare system by integrating into the tools they use daily, including EMRs and Pharmacy Management Systems. While each of the user groups and partner systems have different needs, goals and workflows, they all need to function in unison to ensure a positive experience with PrescribeIT®.

As the first step in our pursuit of Product Excellence through customer centricity, we needed to understand the current state experience for each group. Customer journey mapping allowed us to understand the interactions, touchpoints, barriers and opportunities that our customers have with us, from the first time they become aware of PrescribeIT® to their full engagement in using the service. Through this approach, we have identified and are planning for improvements to each step, ensuring the best experience possible for customers.

In parallel, we are spending a large amount of time listening. Listening to what the customer wants — in their own words — provides crucial insights on the value we are providing and how we can improve. We collect these insights through various means, including direct engagement with users, surveys, and focus groups with different user groups. Ultimately, incorporating and addressing feedback will ensure that we can scale from the foundation of our current success to the rest of the country.

The thing I find fascinating about services like PrescribeIT® is that our focus on Product Excellence doesn’t only benefit the customers with whom we work directly. It has benefits for patients and the wider health care system as well. Our collaborative approach is a way of harnessing the collective voice - by coming together, we can create a service that works well for everyone.

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About the author
Darek Szadkowski

Darek Szadkowski

Darek Szadkowski is the Director of Product Excellence for PrescribeIT®, where he is responsible for ensuring improved product and workflow excellence for PrescribeIT® - Canada’s national e-prescribing service. Darek holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration and has over a decade of experience managing products and services in the Ontario healthcare sector.