Working with patients to shape our strategies.

Engaging Canadians

Infoway’s goal is to help improve the health and health care of Canadians; we engage with those who receive care to shape our strategies and enhance our services.

We do this by listening to the perspectives of patients, their family members and their caregivers, and by working with them to identify and address their digital health priorities so that they can play an active role in managing their health.

Recognition & Inclusion Statement

Infoway patient partners developed the Patient/Family/Caregiver Recognition and Inclusion Statement. This statement acknowledges the critical role of patients, families and caregivers in the health system and underscores our commitment to collaborate with them as we work toward improving the health system. 

This statement grounds us in our discussions and reminds us of our responsibilities toward patients, families and caregivers. 

The statement reads:

We recognize the unwavering commitment and essential impact patients, families and caregivers have and will always have on the Canadian health care system.

Canada Health Infoway pledges to continuously listen to the perspectives and learn from the lived experiences of patients, families and caregivers to ensure respectful collaboration in the work we do and influence.

We look forward to building true partnerships and acknowledging shared successes.

Patients Included

Infoway strives to ensure the patient voice is heard in every conversation about digital health. This includes at the Infoway Partnership Conference, which gathers thought leaders, influencers and digital health experts to discuss opportunities for transforming health care in Canada. Since 2017, the Partnership Conference has attained Patients Included accreditation, which recognizes that the event satisfied the criteria identified in the Patients Included charter. Please visit the Patients Included website for more information.

Patient Community

Infoway relies on its strong community of patients, family members and caregivers to provide insight into the needs and desires of patients. Members of this community are notified of opportunities to get involved. They also receive updates about digital health news and progress. Joining the patient community is easy and requires no commitment. To join, visit the registration page.

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