Collaborating to help improve health outcomes.

Transforming Health Care

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Infoway works with Canadians, clinicians, the IT community, jurisdictions, vendors, academics and a variety of health care organizations to transform the delivery of care in Canada.

We are proud to work with our partners to drive digital health adoption and to build a future where Canadians have access to their personal health information and digitally-enabled services. We know that transforming health care means working with many different stakeholders and we value the opportunities to bring them together to collaborate and get their perspective.

Jurisdictional Partners

Infoway co-invests with the provinces and territories to fund and monitor digital health initiatives in Canada.

We work with provinces and territories to enable seamless, effective health care for Canadians. In partnership with various levels of government, we exchange ideas, share knowledge about best practices and lessons learned, and inform strategies to implement digital health tools and services across Canada.

As a convenor, we also facilitate cross-jurisdictional and pan-Canadian collaborations for more efficient and effective developments in digital health. Areas such as privacy, standards and interoperability, clinical adoption, change management and benefits evaluation are just a few examples of where we provide support to jurisdictions for their deployment efforts.

Patients, Families & Caregivers

Our goal is to help improve the health and health care of Canadians, so we actively engage with those who receive care to shape our strategies and enhance our services. Infoway consults regularly with patients, families and caregivers to learn what they need from the health system. Through surveys, collaboration tables, focus groups and more, Canadians help inform our actions across the country.

Health Workforce

Infoway works with clinicians and the health workforce to share best practices and build knowledge, support clinician education and change management, and to identify common challenges to digital health adoption, in order to work together to find solutions.

We actively engage with local, provincial/territorial, national and international patient and health care organizations to inform our ‎strategies, programs and services. Partnering with many on digital health projects and initiatives, we work with them to increase the effective use of digital health and share information with their communities and stakeholders.

Private Sector

We believe that connection and collaboration between public and private sectors benefits the health system, and we draw on their respective strengths and learn from their respective areas of expertise. We work with a variety of vendors to promote the use of trusted, interoperable digital health solutions in the Canadian marketplace.

By convening private sector organizations and leaders, we gain insights from the vendor community about best practices, emerging technologies and interoperability. In turn, we support pan-Canadian procurement efforts to help the right solutions reach the right Canadians for better health outcomes and a health system that effectively meets their needs.

Health Researchers

Measuring, evaluating and analysing the progress and impact of digital health are critical. We work with academics and researchers to capture benefits, lessons learned, and best practices. Through partnerships with organizations like the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and JMIR Publications, we provide support to health researchers and help connect their work to broader audiences. Our Infoway Insights website also provides researchers and interested Canadians with access to data from our yearly surveys of Canadians.

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