Infoway is working with our partners to develop a variety of digital health projects.

e-Prescribing with PrescribeIT

The ability to send and receive prescriptions digitally is an important part of a clinician’s virtual toolkit. PrescribeIT®, Canada’s not-for-profit e-prescribing service, enables prescribers to electronically transmit prescriptions as data directly from their electronic medical record into a pharmacy’s management system, removing the need for faxed and paper prescriptions. PrescribeIT® also includes clinical communications, eliminating the need for fax and phone tag.
PrescribeIT® seamlessly connects prescribers and pharmacists, increasing workflow efficiency, enhancing patient safety and improving health experiences

Pan-Canadian Interoperability

With our partners, we’re working to increase connection and communication in the health system. Interoperability enables different systems, solutions and devices to speak with each other, and it is key to effective digital health. Learn about Infoway’s plans to advance connected care across Canada.

Strategic Investments

Infoway supports provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian efforts to implement effective virtual care initiatives, making quality care more accessible by improving Canadians’ access to health information, digital services and tools.

Our COVID-19 Rapid Response Helped:

health care providers adopt virtual visit tools.
facilitate more than 5 million virtual visits for Canadians.

Change Management

By driving digital health adoption, we seek to build healthier futures and healthier systems for Canadians — and we’re here to facilitate the transition. The Virtual Care Change Management Program is aimed at ensuring that clinicians have the tools and training they need to help transform care and at improving digital health equity and literacy of the Canadian population. Resources are available for clinicians and patients.

National Procurements

As part of the work to establish pan-Canadian requirements for virtual care solutions, Infoway is supporting interested jurisdictions to pre-qualify solution vendors through a cross-jurisdictional request for pre-qualification (RFPQ). These RFPQs are first stage procurement activities and will result in a list of pre-qualified solution providers. Participating jurisdictions will be able to leverage this list while leading their own procurement efforts in a future second stage.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Infoway works with Canadians, clinicians, the tech community, jurisdictions, vendors, academics and a variety of health care organizations to transform the delivery of care in Canada. Through a variety of forums and consultations, events and collaborations on projects like the Mustimuhw Citizen Access Health Portal and Crisis Text Line powered by Kids Help Phone, we work together with stakeholders to drive digital health adoption.
Mustimuhw Information Solutions is working to change the way health care is delivered in First Nations communities across Canada.

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