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in benefits since inception from foundational investments
Canadians enrolled in telehomecare programs since 2010


Patients, families and caregivers are at the centre of our health system, and when they are empowered through digital health literacy and tools, they can play a more active role in managing their health. That’s why it’s essential that we understand what their needs are and how digital solutions can help them. We survey Canadians regularly and know that when they have a voice and have access to digital health tools and services, they feel better able to manage their health, which leads to better health outcomes. Learn more about our work with citizens, including the Patient/Family/Caregiver Recognition and Inclusion Statement we developed in collaboration with our patient partners.

Health Care Providers & Organizations

The more health care providers know how to integrate technology to improve their workflow and care delivery, the more connected and collaborative they can be. Health care providers are critical to the digital transformation of the Canadian health system. We facilitate their adoption and use of digital health tools by removing barriers, providing funding, delivering programs and services, facilitating change management and surveying them to understand their evolving needs and how digital health impacts their jobs.

Health Canada & Jurisdictions

By working together and sharing knowledge, jurisdictions can discover best practices, better deploy their resources and increase the pace of innovation. Pan-Canadian collaboration is critical to the advancement of digital health. Our leadership, expertise and funding enable:
  • Coordination of jurisdictional efforts
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Scaling of digital solutions
  • Research to help inform policy decisions
  • Tools to promote standards and interoperability of solutions.

Associations & Groups

We work closely with regulatory bodies, associations, communities and groups at national and provincial/territorial levels to understand their needs and collaborate with them to develop virtual care solutions and services such as PrescribeIT®.


We work with industry to encourage innovation in health technology and implementation of standards to facilitate the development of interoperable solutions. We also bring industry together with other health system stakeholders to collaborate on shared priorities.

Academics & Researchers

We work with academics and researchers from across Canada to conduct, analyze and publish research about the value, benefits, challenges and opportunities in digital health. This evidence-based research provides critical insights into Canada’s digital health landscape to inform policy decisions, accelerate the adoption of digital health and fuel innovation, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes for Canadians.

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