Connecting and collaborating to create new ways of delivering care.

Connecting the Health Workforce

Across Canada, health care professionals are embracing new technologies, new workflows and new ways of delivering care.

Through ongoing initiatives, Infoway is pleased to continue supporting the health workforce in the adoption of digital health.  

Over the years Infoway has connected clinicians and the health workforce to digital health solutions and with each other, in order to share experiences and best practices. Infoway helped fund the adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs) and e-booking solutions for clinicians, working with provincial and territorial partners. 

Our past work creating peer leader networks and clinician-in-training support programs helped clinicians learn from one another as they adopted digital health tools. We also continue to connect clinicians through our communities and working groups as they discuss issues and develop solutions. 

We continue to work with clinicians to understand their needs. We conduct regular surveys of various clinical groups to understand how technology is impacting their work and consult them as we work with our partners to develop and improve solutions, such as e-prescribing through PrescribeIT®.

Covid-19 Rapid Response

Infoway’s expertise and collaboration with provincial and territorial partners provided the foundation for a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world changed overnight as a result of this global health emergency, accelerating the adoption of virtual care. 

In consultation with Health Canada and the jurisdictions, we identified three priority areas for virtual care investment that would have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time: accelerating the implementation of virtual care solutions (including e-visits and home monitoring), offering online mental health services and increasing citizen access to COVID-19 results.

This ‘rapid response’ and other initiatives helped accelerate the adoption of virtual care. 

By the Numbers

of physicians currently use virtual care
of physicians who use virtual care say it enables quality care
of physicians who use virtual care say it improves their patients’ access to care

Physician Survey

In 2021, Infoway worked with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), to conduct an online survey of more than 2,000 physicians, including family physicians, specialists and residents. The survey aims to better understand the use of virtual and digital technology among physicians in Canada.

Ask A Peer

As more Canadians embrace virtual care, e-prescribing with PrescribeIT®, Canada’s nation e-prescribing service, is becoming an increasingly important tool for clinicians. PrescribeIT® enables efficient collaboration with other prescribers and pharmacists, and ensures patients receive the medication they need while avoiding in-person interactions. 

Clinicians who are interested in e-prescribing, but are not sure where to start, can connect with a fellow clinician expert through Ask a Peer. The program connects clinicians with peers who have already begun their PrescribeIT® journey. 

Our clinical peers are ready to share their experiences integrating e-prescribing into their practices. Read through questions posted by other health professionals, or submit one of your own.

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