Virtual care saved patients

hours in time traveled in 2021
in avoided expenses in 2021
metric tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions in 2021

Understanding the Canadian Landscape

Infoway is committed to contributing to digital health research in Canada. To support health care organizations, clinicians, policy makers, and patients, families and caregivers, Infoway conducts research into the value of digital health solutions as well as clinicians' and Canadians' attitudes and perceptions.

Our research supports health care organizations and clinical communities by removing barriers to adoption. It also helps patient advocates by raising awareness of the benefits of digital health. Policy makers can also use our research to help address issues in health care and implement digital health projects and new technologies. Infoway also conducts research and landscape scans of emerging issues. The research is designed to raise awareness of policy gaps and inform decision-making.

The Importance of Benefits Evaluations

Infoway works closely with partners and stakeholders to assess the value of digital health projects. These evaluations help us understand how our investments are impacting Canadians and the health care system and help us improve projects for the future.

Infoway’s Benefits Evaluation Framework, which has been implemented across Canada and internationally, demonstrates the relationship between the implementation of an effective digital health solution, the adoption of that solution and the resulting impacts. Visit our Evaluation Toolkit to learn more about our evaluation framework and resources to support its application in practice.

Infoway has been tracking digital health awareness, utilization and perceptions among Canadians annually to better understand the Canadian digital health landscape. Now the data is available for researchers, policy-makers and interested Canadians. Visit the Infoway Insights website for detailed visualizations of data about virtual care, the health landscape an prescriptions.

Benefits Evaluation Network Webinars

Infoway’s Benefits Evaluation Collaboration Network brings together jurisdictional leaders, evaluators and researchers to share best practices, results and other insights on digital health evaluation. View information on our upcoming and past webinars.

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