By the Numbers

of Canadians would like to have a prescription sent electronically to their pharmacy by their physician
of Canadians would like to send prescription renewal requests electronically
of Canadians would choose a virtual visit over an in-person visit for a prescription renewal

Improving Collaboration

The more connected and collaborative clinicians are, the better it is for Canadians.
e-Prescribing with PrescribeIT®, Canada’s national not-for-profit e-prescribing service, enables prescribers and pharmacists to transmit prescriptions electronically and to communicate seamlessly. PrescribeIT® enables prescribers to electronically transmit a prescription directly from an electronic medical record (EMR) to the pharmacy management system (PMS) of a patient’s pharmacy of choice.

PrescribeIT® also enables clinical communications, making it easier for prescribers and pharmacists to clarify questions about a patient’s prescription. It’s easy to send a question about a patient’s medication through an EMR or PMS, request a prescription renewal or check that a prescription has been dispensed.

With more Canadians embracing virtual care, e-prescribing is an increasingly important tool for clinicians. Digital transmission of prescriptions reduces the need for in-person contact, while ensuring that Canadians get the medications they need.

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Technology has changed most forms of communication.  So why are you still using a fax machine? PrescribeIT® replaces missed phone calls and stray faxes with clinical communication — straight from your electronic medical record or pharmacy management system.

e-Prescribing Benefits

e-Prescribing with PrescribeIT® offers a range of benefits for prescribers, pharmacists, patients and the health system as a whole:

  • Reduces the use of paper prescriptions
  • Enhances patient safety and reduces fraud
  • Optimizes jurisdictional drug information system investments
  • Decreases administrative load
  • Frees up more time for patient care and consultations
  • Facilitates better health outcomes for Canadians

Ask a Peer

Have a question about PrescribeIT®? With our Ask a Peer program, you can send your questions to fellow clinicians who have already begun their PrescribeIT® journey.

Safer Prescribing Practices

As the opioid crisis continues, it’s important to keep Canadians safe while ensuring their access to needed medication for pain management. e-Prescribing transmits prescription data directly from a prescriber’s electronic medical record to a pharmacy management system, preventing fraudulent, lost and misused prescriptions.

In addition, e-prescribing enables clinicians to prescribe opioids and other controlled medications in smaller quantities, knowing that more can be prescribed remotely if needed. This reduces the number of surplus opioids in medicine cabinets across the country that could be stolen or diverted.

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