Upgrading Skills with the PrescribeIT Learning Centre

By Catherine Searles-Burke

Our world is changing, and health care is no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a swift pivot towards digital health tools. Secure messaging, virtual videoconferencing, remote patient monitoring platforms and other digital health technologies are being integrated into health care journeys across the country. With Canadians increasingly using and expecting digital health tools in their daily lives, it no longer makes sense to rely on handwritten and faxed prescriptions.

PrescribeIT Learning Centre

40 per cent of primary care visits are now virtual, and Canadians want virtual prescriptions to go with them. In a recent Infoway study, 65 per cent of respondents would prefer a virtual visit over in-person visits for a prescription renewal. But it’s not just changing preferences. Behaviours are changing as well, with 29 per cent of respondents reporting that they had a prescription renewed after their last virtual visit.

e-Prescribing supports virtual visits by sending prescription data directly from a prescriber’s electronic medical record to the pharmacy management system of a patient’s pharmacy of choice. No handwritten prescriptions, no dropped faxes and no need for patients to supplement their virtual visits with an in-person encounter.

With the PrescribeIT® Learning Centre, you can upgrade your practice and join other clinicians on the leading edge of health care delivery. Through eight online education modules, you can learn how e-prescribing transforms collaboration between prescribers and pharmacists, simplifies prescription renewals and reduces the risk of forged, diverted and misused prescriptions.

With PrescribeIT®, clinicians can modernize their prescribing practices and fully leverage the new opportunities for care delivery within our evolving health system. Sign up here and learn more about a new era for prescribing.

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Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke is the Senior Marketing Manager for PrescribeIT®. In this role, she is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies to advance PrescribeIT® across Canada. Prior to joining Infoway, Catherine held several marketing management positions within the health care space.