Why Canadians Prefer e-Prescribing Through PrescribeIT

By Catherine Searles-Burke

Did you know that e-prescribing has transformed the way prescriptions are handled in Canada? Since its launch in 2017, PrescribeIT®, a national e-prescription service, has increasingly gained popularity, processing tens of millions of transactions.

Why Canadians Prefer e-Prescribing Through PrescribeIT

By aligning with the preferences of Canadians, prescribers, and pharmacists, PrescribeIT® offers a range of benefits that streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and improve communication between health care providers. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the results from our recent survey that highlight why PrescribeIT® is the preferred choice among these key stakeholders.

Faster and More Convenient Prescription Processing

Our survey findings indicate 83% of Canadians prefer their prescriptions to be sent directly to their pharmacy without receiving a paper prescription. By eliminating the need for physical prescriptions that can be misplaced or prone to fraud, PrescribeIT® ensures prescriptions reach their intended recipients promptly and securely. This streamlined process reduces delays, offers convenience to patients, and enhances overall efficiency in health care delivery.

Increased Efficiency and Improved Quality of Care

PrescribeIT® has garnered a high approval rating among prescribers according to our survey results, with an impressive eight out of 10 expressing overall satisfaction with the service. In fact, 71% of prescribers report increased efficiencies since adopting PrescribeIT®.

The electronic transmission of prescriptions streamlines the clinical workflow, reduces administrative burden and enables prescribers to focus more on patient care. PrescribeIT® also improves the quality of care, as reported by 54% of prescribers, by ensuring accurate and legible prescriptions. This eliminates potential errors that may arise from illegible handwriting and improves patient safety.

Enhanced Confidence and Prescription Accuracy

PrescribeIT® has instilled greater confidence among pharmacists as well, with 87% stating that they feel more assured about the authenticity of opioid or controlled substance prescriptions received through the service. 86% of pharmacists who responded to our survey also agree that PrescribeIT® improves the legibility and completeness of prescriptions. This means fewer chances of misinterpretation or missing vital information when reviewing prescriptions.

PrescribeIT® has emerged as Canada's leading e-prescription service, and for good reason. Canadians love the faster and more convenient prescription processing it offers, while prescribers benefit from increased efficiency and improved quality of care. Pharmacists gain enhanced confidence in prescription authenticity and enjoy improved accuracy when reviewing and dispensing medications.

The statistics from our recent survey speak for themselves, highlighting the positive impact that PrescribeIT® has had on the health system. As Canada's health care landscape continues to evolve, PrescribeIT® will remain at the forefront as an innovative solution that caters to the needs of Canadians, prescribers, and pharmacists.

To learn more about our survey results, download the report.

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Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke is the Senior Marketing Manager for PrescribeIT®. In this role, she is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies to advance PrescribeIT® across Canada. Prior to joining Infoway, Catherine held several marketing management positions within the health care space.