How do I…Onboard with PrescribeIT? (For Pharmacists)

By Bhavesh Modi

PrescribeIT® is Canada’s national e-prescribing service. It integrates seamlessly between an electronic medical record (EMR) and the pharmacy management system (PMS), enabling prescribers to digitally send prescription data directly to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. In this occasional blog series, we’ll explore some of PrescribeIT’s features and functionalities in-depth. This installment explores the onboarding process for pharmacists.

How do I…Onboard with PrescribeIT? (For Pharmacists)

Convenience, communication, collaboration — these qualities are key to every pharmacy workflow. PrescribeIT® is designed to seamlessly integrate into your PMS, increasing efficiencies, improving communication with prescribers and enabling you to dispense with confidence. Get on the leading edge of health care collaboration and learn how to integrate PrescribeIT® into your pharmacy.

Confirm that we’re live in your area

PrescribeIT® is currently live in communities in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, with plans to roll out to more provinces in the coming months. You’ll also want to make sure that your PMS is integrated with PrescribeIT®; you can browse a list of our vendor partners here, and find PrescribeIT® enabled pharmacies and clinics in your area.

Fill out your Application of Interest

Ready to go? Fill out your Application of Interest to start the onboarding process. Once you hit “submit,” you’ll receive an immediate email acknowledging receipt of your application. Within the week, a PrescribeIT® team member will connect with you directly, or with your pharmacy partner if you’re part of a banner group or chain. We’ll confirm your contact information, pharmacy license number and other key registration details.

Get Started

Because PrescribeIT® is seamlessly integrated with the PMS and operates within the existing system, there is very little you and your staff will need to manage. Once we have your contact information, you’ll need to:

  • Sign the owner/licensee agreements
  • Complete privacy and security training

The technical set-up and “go live” happen nearly hand in hand — once your eligibility has been confirmed and your system is updated, you can start using the service without delay.

Get Training and Support

Most PMS vendors provide detailed information about how to use PrescribeIT®. Training materials can be provided in advance of set-up, including:

  • Training Videos
  • User Guides & Job Aids
  • Cheat sheets
  • FAQ materials

You can also explore the educational content on the PrescribeIT® website. Ask a Peer connects you with health professionals already using PrescribeIT®; you can browse their answers or submit a question of your own. You can also explore the Learning Centre and its online modules.

Need technical support? You can use your existing PMS support processes for PrescribeIT®. Your support contact and troubleshooting models remain the same.

Stay tuned 

PrescribeIT® is constantly growing. Not only are we poised for expansion, we’re evolving based on feedback and input from our stakeholders. Check back regularly for updates and follow us on Twitter @PrescribeIT_CA.  

Over 4,800 pharmacies are enrolled with PrescribeIT®; we look forward to connecting with yours! Fill out the Application of Interest and begin your journey today.

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Bhavesh Modi

Bhavesh Modi

Bhavesh Modi has dedicated his career to supporting the adoption of pharmacy initiatives that improve the patient experience. He is currently the Senior Director of Pharmacy and Prescriber Relations on the PrescribeIT® team at Canada Health Infoway, where he works closely with pharmacy and prescriber stakeholders on the national adoption and execution of PrescribeIT.