e-Prescribing Can Provide Some Much-needed Peace of Mind

By Poonam Khanna

I recently had an appointment with a specialist and she provided me with a prescription and booked a follow-up appointment in a month to check whether the medication was working. She also mentioned that sometimes the medication takes a good two weeks to start working. So the clock was ticking…I wanted to start the medication right away so it would have time to kick in (if it worked) before my follow-up.

The problem was, I wasn’t able to start the medication until a few days after the prescription was written because there just wasn’t time. After the appointment, which ate up a good deal of my morning, I had to get to work, so there was no time to get it filled right away or even drop it off. The next day — well I completely forgot. And the following day? Again there wasn’t time to drop it off and come back or wait at the pharmacy for my prescription to be filled.

Finally, on the fourth day, still with no time to spare, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer and off to the pharmacy I went. I appreciated how the pharmacist, like my doctor, provided excellent care, including tips and precautions about how to use the medication. However, I know there’s a better way to get a prescription from the doctor to the pharmacy. What I couldn’t help thinking was that an e-prescription through PrescribeIT™, Canada’s e-prescribing service, would have made things a little bit more convenient.

The doctor would have sent the prescription straight to the pharmacy electronically. I wouldn’t have had to worry about a paper prescription falling out of my purse and going astray every time I reached in for my wallet (as has happened in the past). And there would have been less delay in getting the medication started. Most importantly, sending the prescription as data (as opposed to a fax that sends it as a picture) means my prescription wouldn’t have had to be manually typed into the pharmacy system…so no chance of typos on my medication!

What about you — would you like the convenience of having your doctor electronically transmit your prescriptions straight to your pharmacy?


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Poonam Khanna

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