PharmaChoice Canada enters an Agreement with Infoway to offer PrescribeIT to Its Network of Independent Pharmacies

(Toronto) – PharmaChoice Canada is pleased to announce an agreement with Canada Health Infoway, to offer PrescribeIT®, Canada’s national e-prescribing service, to its network of independent retail pharmacies.

PrescribeIT® is a national e-prescribing service developed by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), which enables prescribers to safely and conveniently transmit a prescription electronically between a prescriber’s electronic medical record (EMR) and the pharmacy management system (PMS) of a patient’s pharmacy of choice. 

“PrescribeIT® enhances pharmacy workflows by streamlining clinical communication between prescribers and pharmacists allowing pharmacist to dispense with confidence” said Jamie Bruce, Executive Vice President, Canada Health Infoway.

The four-year agreement, signed with Infoway on April 30, 2020, covers more than 900 independently owned pharmacies across the PharmaChoice and RxHealthMed banners of PharmaChoice Canada.

“At PharmaChoice Canada, our independent pharmacies serve their communities by playing an active role within their patients’ health care team and in the midst of this global pandemic continue to manage the safety of those patients and the pharmacy teams that care for them” said Kamran Nisar, Director, Pharmacy Services, PharmaChoice Canada.  “PrescribeIT® seamlessly integrates our pharmacy management systems and streamlines communication with our patients’ physicians. With PrescribeIT® prescriptions are electronically transmitted to a patient’s pharmacy of choice which allows for facilitation of patient safety and continuity of care.”

About PharmaChoice Canada

Founded in 1999, PharmaChoice Canada has more than 900 independently owned pharmacies representing both the PharmaChoice and RxHealthMed banners across the country. At the core of PharmaChoice Canada is our belief that locally owned pharmacies play a vital role in healthcare delivery to the more than 400 communities in which we serve.

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About PrescribeIT®

Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, the provinces and territories, and industry stakeholders to develop, operate and maintain the national e-prescribing service known as PrescribeIT®. PrescribeIT® will serve all Canadians, pharmacies and prescribers and provide safer and more effective medication management by enabling prescribers to transmit a prescription electronically between a prescriber’s electronic medical record (EMR) and the pharmacy management system (PMS) of a patient’s pharmacy of choice. Learn more at

About Canada Health Infoway

Infoway helps to improve the health of Canadians by working with partners to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital health across Canada. Through our investments, we help deliver better quality and access to care and more efficient delivery of health services for patients and clinicians. Infoway is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government. Learn more at


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