Modernizing Health care: A Timeline of PrescribeIT’s Success

By Jamie Bruce

Technological advancements have revolutionized numerous industries and health care is no exception. One innovation that has transformed the way prescriptions are sent and received is PrescribeIT®.

Modernizing Health care: A Timeline of PrescribeIT’s Success

Developed by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), PrescribeIT® is a national, not-for-profit e-prescribing service that streamlines the prescribing process, improves patient care, and enhances collaboration between prescribers and pharmacies. In a few short years, PrescribeIT® has achieved several key milestones while making a positive impact on the health care system.

PrescribeIT® embarked on a series of limited-release projects across the country to test its effectiveness and feasibility. The positive feedback participants provided during the pilot projects paved the way for PrescribeIT’s expansion to additional provinces and territories.

National Expansion (2019-2020)

With the successful completion of the limited release projects, PrescribeIT® began its national expansion, making its services available to prescribers and pharmacies across the country. This expansion allowed health care providers to seamlessly transmit and receive prescriptions electronically, eliminating the need for handwritten paper prescriptions. By connecting prescribers and pharmacies, PrescribeIT® aimed to enhance communication, reduce prescription errors, and improve patient outcomes.

Integration and Interoperability (2021-present)

Recognizing the importance of interoperability, PrescribeIT® continued to focus on expanding its footprint by integrating with a larger number of EMR systems used by prescribers and pharmacy management systems.  In addition, PrescribeIT® also expanded the service to include hospitals.  This significant expansion has ensured that community-based and hospital-based health care professionals are able to seamlessly send and receive prescriptions directly from their existing systems, streamlining their workflow and reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Patient Experience

PrescribeIT® also improved the patient experience by eliminating the need for patients to carry paper prescriptions, reducing wait times at pharmacies, and enhancing medication safety. Patients can conveniently pick up their prescriptions or have them delivered directly to their homes, saving time and improving accessibility, especially for those with mobility issues or living in remote areas.

PrescribeIT® has emerged as a game-changer in the health care industry, redefining how prescriptions are sent and received.  In just a few short years, PrescribeIT® has demonstrated a commitment to collaboration and continuous evolution of the service to meet the needs of health care providers and patients alike. As PrescribeIT® expands further, it holds the promise of a future where seamless digital prescribing is the norm, contributing to improved patient safety, reduced errors, and enhanced health care outcomes across Canada.

View the PrescribeIT® Timeline to learn more.

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Jamie Bruce

Jamie Bruce

Jamie Bruce joined Infoway in late 2019 and under his leadership, Infoway is scaling and expanding Canada’s national e-prescribing service across the country. He has helped health care and technology enterprises grow and diversify, has founded and led health care businesses, and has led strategy offices for publicly traded companies such as George Weston Limited and Shoppers Drug Mart.