How e-Prescribing Improves the Patient Experience

By Seema Nayani

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve brought your prescription to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist wants to ask your prescriber a question about it. Unfortunately, the fax machine isn’t cooperating, and the phone line is busy.

male pharmacist standing in pharmacy

Without effective processes in place, a simple errand can turn into a big headache. Toronto pharmacist Parag Shah wanted a better experience for his patients. “I’m interested in e-prescribing because ultimately, it will improve patient care,” he explains.

Seeking more efficiency in his pharmacy’s workflow, he turned to PrescribeIT®, Canada’s national e-prescribing service. Because PrescribeIT® sends prescriptions directly from the prescriber’s electronic medical record (EMR) to a pharmacy management system (PMS), Shah doesn’t have to worry about dropped faxes or missed phone calls. Instead, prescriptions seamlessly integrate into Shah’s PMS, increasing efficiencies and freeing up more time to spend with patients.

With PrescribeIT®, Shah reports processing prescriptions much more quickly. Patients enjoy the benefits of a more efficient workflow as well, spending less time waiting for their prescriptions to be filled. “They’ve noticed it, and they love it.” he says.

Communications with prescribers are similarly streamlined. Rather than playing phone tag with prescribers or fighting with fax machines, Shah can communicate with prescribers directly. Not only is it a faster process, it’s more secure. Since communications occur directly within their respective workflows, pharmacists can be confident their message is reaching the intended prescribers.

An uptake in virtual care is also demonstrating the growing importance of e-prescribing for prescribers and patients. Paper prescriptions aren’t helpful for patients having virtual visits, and as more clinical settings go paperless, e-prescribing enables the secure, seamless transmission of prescription data.

For Shah, e-prescribing has been a welcome addition to his toolkit. “From the patient standpoint, from the pharmacist standpoint…it improves all facets of the pharmacy workflow and experience for the patient.” As Canadians increasingly adopt a “virtual first” approach to their health care, e-prescribing can help them leave outmoded technologies in the past.

To learn more about Parag Shah’s journey with PrescribeIT®, watch our video series here. You can also visit Ask a Peer to connect with other health care professionals and have your e-prescribing questions answered.

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About the author
Seema Nayani

Seema Nayani

Seema Nayani is a practicing pharmacist, and continuously looks for opportunities to implement digital health solutions to improve patient care and the clinician experience. She is the Manager, Medication Services at Canada Health Infoway where she provides clinical expertise and support to a number of Infoway initiatives, including PrescribeIT®. Seema graduated from the University of Toronto, and holds certifications in Healthcare Information and Management Systems, Geriatrics and Diabetes.