Gain Insight into Prescriptions and Improve Communications with PrescribeIT

By Catherine Searles-Burke

Is that a “3” or an “8” written on the prescription? Was the physician aware the patient has another prescription from a specialist that may conflict with the new script?

Has the patient actually filled the prescription? Did the pharmacy receive the prescription cancel notification that was faxed over? And will the patient be able to afford the prescription because it’s covered by his or her health plan? These are all questions many prescribers and pharmacists have worried about. And they are the reason why clinicians should shift to PrescribeIT®.

PrescribeIT® not only eliminates faxed and paper prescriptions, it also provides prescribers and pharmacists with an efficient channel of communication and insight into what happens after a prescription is sent, thanks to dispense notifications. And these are just a few of the benefits. Our new infographic outlines the key advantages to moving to PrescribeIT®.

Why shift to PrescribeIT®? In the end, it benefits physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and patients alike.

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About the author
Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke

Catherine Searles-Burke is the Senior Marketing Manager for PrescribeIT®. In this role, she is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies to advance PrescribeIT® across Canada. Prior to joining Infoway, Catherine held several marketing management positions within the health care space.