Canada Health Infoway, Trillium Health Centre and collaborate to benefit seniors care

New project will improve safety and quality of care for residents of long-term and complex continuing care facilities in Ontario

Mississauga/West Toronto, ON - Patient care for seniors in long-term or complex continuing care facilities will benefit from a new library of evidence-based information and clinical protocols that will be created as part of a $1 million investment Canada Health Infoway is making with Trillium Health Centre, announced Trillium President and CEO Janet Davidson, O.C.

Trillium, supported by, will develop and provide the library to benefit those living in more than 500 long-term care and complex continuing care beds in the Mississauga-Halton region.

The library will include order sets, which are detailed, evidence-based checklists that allow physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to quickly and easily identify and select the most effective treatments for their patients. This instant access to evidence-based best practices improves patient outcomes by improving the process of ordering of the appropriate treatments and tests.

Healthcare providers in long-term care homes will be able to access the order sets using,web-based order set software from called EntryPoint.

This project will benefit the long-term care sector by:

  • Improving patient safety and quality of care
  • Saving clinicians' time and improving workflow
  • Enhancing communication between health care team members
  • Reducing the demand on emergency departments by decreasing transfers to acute care

The long-term care sector consists of nearly 2,000 homes across Canada, including more than 620 in Ontario which offer more than 70,000 beds. Seventy-two per cent of residents in long-term care are 80 years of age or older and many have three or more complex conditions. This places new demands on clinicians and creates a greater need for consistent protocols in medical care and clinical evaluation. Order sets are a powerful tool to address this need.

This project is endorsed by the Ontario Long Term Care Association, which will help ensure the projects results and lessons learned are broadly shared with other sector partners.


"Electronic health record systems yield value in a variety of care settings and this initiative is about bringing that value to the long-term care sector. These tools will support the health professionals who care for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, enhancing care and yielding clinical value in the process."

Richard Alvarez, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway

"The health of seniors in our community is very important to Trillium Health Centre. We have found order sets to be an effective tool for improving patient outcomes in our hospital, and look forward to seeing their positive impact on the quality of care in our long-term and complex continuing care facilities."

Janet Davidson, O.C., President and CEO, Trillium Health Centre

"Order sets are a powerful tool for improving the quality and safety of patient care. Our advanced solutions have made an impact on hundreds of thousands of patients in more than 160 hospitals across Canada, and we know order sets will have a dramatic impact in long-term care. We're proud to make a commitment to enter the long-term care market."

Dr. Chris O'Connor, President,

"There has been a dramatic increase in the range and complexity of resident care needs in recent years. Reducing administrative burden, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and improving decision support are priorities for long term care. We believe that this project will release physician and nurse time to care, resulting in improved outcomes and improved quality of work life in our sector."

Gail Paech, CEO, Ontario Long Term Care Association

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