Digital Health Week is an annual celebration of digital health.
A more connected and collaborative system is a healthier system.
We have shown we are resilient and innovative. Adoption of digital health tools — from virtual consultations to new apps to access to your personal health information — has accelerated. As a result, people across the country have been able to access the care that they need, and digital health will continue to play an important role in a brighter future.
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Digital Health Week brings together health care organizations, clinicians, government, industry and patients to celebrate, build relationships and show their support for digital health.

e-Mental Health Services

are satisfied with the mental health care they received virtually
avoided at least one in-person visit to a doctor and/or emergency room
said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis / distress that would have resulted in physical harm
Add your voice to the conversation about digital health.
Have you ever had a virtual visit or looked up your personal health information online? Share your story — join the conversation that takes place every Digital Health Week using #ThinkDigitalHealth.
Eastern Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring program has helped patients avoid trips to the emergency room and hospital stays.

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