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Be better prepared for your next virtual appointment.

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Technology has enabled care to move beyond the four walls of a clinician’s office.

Virtual care can be a safe and convenient way to access care. Use our resources to learn more about virtual care, including some tips to prepare for your next visit.

Virtual Care Resources

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual Care is any interaction between a patient and health care practitioner that doesn't involve direct contact. Virtual care includes video visits, telephone consultations and secure messaging (text messaging or emailing with a practitioner).

Virtual Care Basics

The most common forms of virtual care in Canada include phone, followed by video and secure messaging.1

Virtual Appointment Checklist

Virtual appointments are a little different from in-person appointments. Learning about and preparing for these differences can help you make the most of your appointment: before, during and after. We hope this checklist can help.

Preparing for the Appointment

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What to Bring

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During the Appointment

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After the Appointment

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