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  • Projects List

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    As of September 30, 2015, 98 per cent of the funding Infoway has received from the federal government has been approved for projects, and 86 per cent of the approved funds have been expended. Remaining funds will be expended as agreed. Infoway...

  • How to Successfully Select and Implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) in small Ambulatory Practice Settings

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    Adoption of EHRs by U.S. ambulatory practices has been slow despite the perceived benefits of their use. Most evaluations of EHR implementations in the literature apply to large practice settings. While there are similarities relating to EHR...

  • You Never Know When You’ll Need Electronic Access to Your Health Records

    You never know when — or where — you may need access to your health record. Digital health can help first responders and health care providers make better informed decisions in emergency situations — even if you're travelling. Our ad explores the...

  • Saskatchewan’s electronic health record is helping clinicians improve patient care

    Thousands of authorized health care providers in Saskatchewan have secure online access to their patients’ medical information. Learn why one Saskatchewan physician wouldn't dream of going back to paper.

  • Shared Health Records: Quicker, Easier Access to Patient Information

    If you can get the right information at the right time, patients are safer. That’s the message Dr. Tunji Fatoye, unit director at Seven Oaks Hospital’s Kildonan Medical Centre delivers as he discusses eChart Manitoba – a secure electronic system that...

  • My Health Matters: Information and Tools for Albertans

    Canadians want to be informed and involved when it comes to their health. Patient portals, such as, are providing residents with access to credible online health care information, tools and wellness tips. Karla Vermeer, Registered...

  • Telepathology: Faster Diagnosis and Better Access

    A network of telepathology sites has changed the way health care is delivered in eastern Quebec. Dr. Bernard Têtu, Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé (RUIS) project manager in telepathology at Laval University, discusses how this innovation is...

  • Reduced Duplicate Tests

    In Canada, there are 150 wasteful duplicates for every 1,000 lab tests performed. Electronic health records provide a complete record of a patient's test results that reduce duplication while saving time and money.

  • Shortened wait times

    Waiting for specialized treatment and diagnosis is enhanced by electronic records who allow patients like Grace de Jong to access online information about wait times, getting her faster access to diagnostic testing.

  • Connecting the Circle of Care with PEI’s Provincial EHR

    In 2006, with funding from Canada Health Infoway, PEI embarked on a project to replace four legacy systems in one hospital with a new EHR system. Now, no matter where a patient goes in PEI, their record follows them. Margaret Duffy-Landry, RN Business...

  • Safer Care for Cancer Patients

    With many chemotherapy drugs available for cancer patients, a computerized record becomes a valuable tool for clinicians and their patients. Here, Flay Charbonneau, Clinical Specialist, Systemic Treatment Program at Cancer Care Ontario, talks about how...

  • Telehealth: Bringing care closer to home

    In BC, thoracic surgeons are providing care closer to home for 30 per cent of their patients via telehealth. Here, Dr. Michael Humer, thoracic surgeon at BC Interior Health Authority, discusses the success they have found over the past eight years...

  • Report on the Socio-economic Impact on Interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) and ePrescribing Systems in Europe and Beyond

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    The EHR IMPACT study was commissioned by DG INFSO and Media, unit ICT for Health, and comprises of nine quantitative and two qualitative independent evaluations of good practice cases of interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing...

  • Core Electronic Health Record for Saskatchewan Complete

    Web page
    Access to electronic information benefits patients January 20, 2015 (Regina) - A historic milestone has been reached now that a comprehensive provincial electronic health record (EHR) for Saskatchewan residents is a reality. Health providers with access...

  • Healthcare's Change Management Toolkit- EHR Implementation Success Starts Here

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    This presentation describe the value of Change Management (CM): - Introduce the HIMSS CM Task Force framework and tools that can be easily and meaningfully applied - Demonstrate the usability of the Task Force’s CM toolset to engage and mobilize the...

  • Core elements of electronic health records in place for almost half of Canadians

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    Benefits being realized across the country as a result of investments in EHRs February 3, 2011 (Toronto) - As a result of investments made by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) and its jurisdictional partners, Infoway President and CEO, Richard Alvarez...

  • 2013 Fall Partnership Conference

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    REGISTER NOW Program-at-a-Glance Our 2013 Fall Partnership Conference also includes many opportunities to share experiences and successes with others while learning from industry leaders and experts. Delegates will benefit from key learnings that will...

  • Saskatchewan's electronic health record initiative on track

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    Capturing lab results in a provincial database and moving forward on adoption of electronic medical record systems are the latest phases of Saskatchewan's (SK) drive toward a provincial electronic health record (EHR) system. The province has already...

  • Health providers in Newfoundland and Labrador transitioning to electronic health records to receive support, mentorship from peers

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    May 2, 2012 (St. John's, NL) – Supporting pharmacists, physicians and nurses to work together to enhance the effective use of technology in clinical practice is the objective of a new peer mentorship initiative launched by the Newfoundland and Labrador...

  • Early adopter promotes use of electronic tools for physicians

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    Dr. Kendall Ho is an emergency physician at Vancouver General Hospital as well as director of UBC Faculty of Medicine eHealth Strategy Office.

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