Don’t just think
digital health.
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The Infoway Partnership Conference showcases discussions about interoperability, standards, digital health innovation, sustainability, Indigenous care and the latest initiatives and updates from Infoway’s program areas. You do not want to miss the opportunity to share successes and lessons learned, and to reconnect with other digital health professionals.

Objectives &
Expected Outcomes

During the Infoway Partnership Conference, we aim to:
  • Highlight the patient experience
  • Focus on connected care for healthier Canadians
  • Share research that quantifies the benefits of digital health and informs the digital agenda
  • Discuss types of innovation and technologies that can help to transform health systems
  • Address the challenges facing policymakers and health leaders in transforming health service delivery
Conference participants will:
  • Achieve a greater understanding of how to improve digital health care for Canadians 
  • Strengthen networks and engage in challenging conversations
  • Learn more about Infoway’s strategic goals and objectives


This Infoway Partnership Conference delivers a leadership day to set the foundation for a second day offering deeper engagement in key areas. Health care thought leaders, influencers and digital health experts will share learnings, address challenges and discuss opportunities for transforming health care delivery in Canada.


The conference is Patients Included Certified. This designation demonstrates that we are “committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring that they are neither excluded nor exploited.”

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