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The Clinicians in Training initiative is designed to prepare a new generation of physicians, pharmacists and nurses for practice in modern technology-enabled clinical environments. All projects are sponsored by Infoway for three years and include a variety of components, such as the creation and sharing of curriculum-based resources and e-learning tools.

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Physicians in Training
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC)

This AFMC-Infoway project endeavours to improve clinical practice and patient care by supporting medical students and residents in their adoption and use of information and communications technologies, such as electronic medical records. It encompasses the 17 faculties of medicine across Canada, including educators, informatics experts, students and residents.

There is a focus on:

  • Clinical use of ICT at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education
  • A virtual patient challenge for students
  • A yearly AFMC/Infoway award to leaders who advance medical informatics in education and learning opportunities related to electronic health record systems.
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Pharmacists in Training
Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC)

This AFPC-Infoway project aims to better prepare pharmacy students to practice in modern, technology-enabled environments, realizing benefits such as increased patient safety and improved efficiency. It engages each of the 10 faculties of pharmacy across Canada, including educators, informatics experts and students.

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Nurses in Training
Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN)

This CASN-Infoway project helps nursing graduates enter the workplace able to practice effectively in the increasingly electronic world of health care delivery, improving care delivery and patient outcomes. The program involves educators, informatics experts and students at the 91 nursing degree-granting colleges and universities across Canada.

NEW! Visit the Resources section for CASN’s reports on nursing informatics competencies, and existing teaching and learning resources.

Joint Clinicians in Training Collaboration

In addition to the individual faculty-oriented Clinicians in Training programs, all three also work together. This provides an opportunity for each of the Clinicians in Training executive partners and project leads (AFMC, AFPC, CASN) to share respective project activities and outcomes, and discuss join opportunities for knowledge exchange, translation and intersection.