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The path to better, safer, more accessible and more efficient health care for everyone includes effective use of health information technology.

eHealth progress in Canada

In 2001, Canada’s First Ministers recognized the need to invest in electronic health record systems to leverage the information that is generated during every encounter we have with the health system, in order to gain clinical value. 

Early investments in electronic health records were based on the promise and potential to transform health care, just as computers have changed so many other aspects of our lives.

Today, every province and territory is collaborating and some $4 billion has been allocated to the development of solutions that are already demonstrating benefits for Canadians in terms of access, quality, productivity, and sustainability of the health system. 

These investments in innovation are already addressing some of health care’s most persistent issues with results that are chosen by communities and provinces to meet their particular needs, thanks to local solutions, the hard work of thousands of health care providers, and investments by all levels of government.

Getting the most value for Canadians and the health system was – and is – a big task, requiring significant changes not only in process and tools but in health care culture and workflow. While much work remains, a decade on, Canada has moved from being a country that is investing in the promise of health information technology and tools to one that is reaping the benefits of those investments. 

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