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Browse through stories and videos shared by clinicians, patient, and health care administrators on the journey to better health care through improved connection and access to health information.

Canada Health Infoway’s Laboratory Information Systems investment program supports jurisdictional projects that will enable authorized health care providers to view lab test results, regardless of where the test was conducted.

When a patient is tested, whether at a clinic, hospital or other facility, Laboratory Information Systems will enable laboratory technicians to enter the results into a database accessible to authorized health care providers. Test results will be linked to individuals’ electronic health records, providing additional resources for diagnosing and treating patients.

How will Canadians benefit?

  • Authorized health care providers will be able to quickly access laboratory test results and reports leading to faster diagnoses and treatment, regardless of where the patient was tested.
  • More efficient methods of securely storing and disseminating laboratory test results will lower costs by reducing the need for duplicate and unnecessary tests.

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