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The Innovation and Adoption program aims to demonstrate clinical value and innovative solutions in digital health that have the potential to be adopted across Canada.

The program’s two approaches - The ImagineNation Challenges and Accelerate Projects (demonstration projects) – are building a community of innovators that are improving healthcare for patients, their caregivers and health care providers, alike. 

The ImagineNation Challenges

The ImagineNation Challenges seek to inspire and provoke innovation in health and health care. While each Challenge is different, they all share a common theme – sharing experiences and promoting the growth and spread of digital health in Canada.

Accelerate Projects

Accelerate projects test new initiatives to improve health care delivery through information technology, with proven value for clinicians and patients, as well as to inform potential future initiatives undertaken by Infoway or others.

Accelerate projects focus on providing tangible value to clinicians and Canadians and improve access, quality, or productivity in health care. Selected projects take an iterative approach to test innovative ideas and build on early successes. All selected projects fit with jurisdiction and Infoway requirements.

Please note: Infoway is not accepting proposals at this time for new Accelerate projects.

How do Canadians benefit?

  • Innovation projects provide immediate benefits to a community while validating a proof of concept that can be implemented in other jurisdictions across Canada.
  • Adoption-focused projects encourage authorized health care providers to learn about, implement and adopt EHRs in their practices and workplaces. This is achieved by sharing best practices throughout the country that facilitate knowledge and change management.
  • Innovation projects presents the opportunity to identify, trial, and advance novel innovations in health care delivery through information technology, with strong potential to deliver value for clinicians and patients.

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