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Infoway works in partnership with the country's federal, provincial, and territorial governments to create and implement electronic health record (EHR) systems that will build a legacy of health care distinguished by improved access, quality, privacy and productivity.

There are four core facets to Infoway's approach.

1. Strategic investment

Infoway invests in EHR programs focused on the development of innovative technology to enable the delivery of more efficient, more effective health care for all Canadians no matter where they live. Infoway worked collaboratively with the provinces and territories to produce the  EHRS Blueprint to provide a technical framework for viable projects. Jurisdictions identify projects that meet the standards outlined in the Blueprint and bring them to Infoway for funding consideration.

Projects are selected on the basis of established criteria. Once a project is selected, Infoway commits to providing up to 75 per cent of the eligible costs for planning and implementation, with the jurisdictional partner funding the balance as well as ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

2. Gated funding

To manage risk, Infoway uses a gated funding model. This means project funding is provided to our jurisdictional partners only when agreed-upon milestones are met. This approach ensures strong accountability from each member of the federal, provincial and territorial partnership for each specific EHR project.

3. Privacy

Privacy is fundamental to Infoway's approach. Infoway continues to work collaboratively with privacy commissioners, health ministries and many stakeholder groups to ensure that patient privacy and confidentially is addressed as technological solutions are developed and implemented. The privacy and security of electronic health systems is a key component of the EHR Blueprint, ensuring privacy considerations are not an afterthought, but considered at the onset of the design.

Read more about Infoway's Privacy Mandate.

4. Leadership

Approved EHR projects are jointly managed by Infoway and its provincial/territorial partners. Infoway provides leadership by establishing the strategic direction for Canada's EHR systems in collaboration with the jurisdictions.

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