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Experiences and perspectives

Browse through stories and videos shared by clinicians, patient, and health care administrators on the journey to better health care through improved connection and access to health information.

Infoway is co-investing with the provinces and territories to support their efforts to significantly increase the number of clinicians adopting and using an electronic medical record (EMR) system. The funding is directed at:

  • Supporting jurisdictions and community based clinicians to implement, adopt and use EMRs in physicians’  and nurse practitioners' offices, primary care centres and out-patient clinics
  • Upgrading and connecting EMRs so they are interoperable with the jurisdiction’s electronic health record (EHR) system
  • Helping clinicians achieve increased clinical value through the advanced use of EMRs, such as accessing more complete medication profiles, lab results history, immunization reports and hospital discharge summaries

How will Canadians benefit?

EMRs provide health care providers with a more complete picture of their patient’s health. 

As of March 31, 2013, the co-investment by Infoway with the provinces and territories has resulted in the cumulative enrolment of approximately 12,000 clinicians in jurisdictional EMR programs.

Care will also be improved by giving approximately 25,000 health care providers across Canada who work in busy specialty clinics easier and secure access to patient information gathered from inside and outside the clinic. 

A recent study commissioned by Infoway determined the current and emerging effects of implementing electronic medical records in community-based practices.

Learn more about electronic medical records benefits from the pan-Canadian study, or find a regional EMR program.

Success stories

See the way health care providers in community practice are using EMRs to improve patient care and the efficiency of their practices.

  Dr. Steve McLaren, Family Physician in Ontario, speaks to the clinical value of electronic medical records to his practice.

This video follows the release of the pan-Canadian study on the current and emerging benefits of implementing electronic medical records in community-based practices. 

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