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Experiences and perspectives

Browse through stories and videos shared by clinicians, patient, and health care administrators on the journey to better health care through improved connection and access to health information.

Canada Health Infoway’s Drug Information Systems (DIS) investment program supports jurisdictional projects that will result in interoperable systems that enable authorized health care providers to access, manage, share and safeguard patients’ medication histories.

For each prescription, a DIS will check for allergy alerts and drug-to-drug interactions against a complete medication profile. These systems will dramatically reduce the number of adverse drug reactions by providing physicians and pharmacists with information to support appropriate and accurate prescribing and dispensing.

How will Canadians benefit?

A recent study commissioned by Canada Health Infoway found that Canada’s investments in drug information systems will generate $436 million in cost savings and efficiencies in 2010. This includes:

  • Increased productivity for pharmacists and prescribers because pharmacists have to call doctors and other prescribers less often to check prescriptions;
  • Improved medication compliance, because patients who work with pharmacists are more likely to take medications as prescribed;
  • Fewer adverse drug interactions;
  • Reduced medication abuse; and
  • Improved drug cost management.

Read the summary of the report, or the full report for details.

Success stories

Find out how the Drug Information Systems investment program is already improving the lives of Canadians:

  See how health information systems connect hospitals, pharmacies and doctors to share drug information in P.E.I.

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