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Experiences and perspectives

Browse through stories and videos shared by clinicians, patient, and health care administrators on the journey to better health care through improved connection and access to health information.

Canada Health Infoway's (Infoway's) Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Systems investment program supports jurisdictional projects that will enable authorized health care providers to access and view diagnostic images regardless of where the image was created.

These new DI Systems will electronically collect, store, manage, distribute and display patient radiology images and reports – such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI and CT images – entirely in digital format, without the need for film.

To be fully effective, the new DI Systems must be supported by modern digital archiving technologies, known as Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS). However, PACS systems are not always financially viable for small facilities so Infoway invests in projects that enable one hospital to act as a centralized PACS repository for other facilities in a region or jurisdiction.

How will Canadians benefit?

A recent report on the effect of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems and Diagnostic Imaging systems on health care in Canada has shown improvements with regard to accessibility for patients, the quality of service provided by specialists and productivity. Learn more about benefits to clinicians and patients.

Read the summary of the report, or the Full Report for details.

Success stories

Find out how the DI systems investment program is improving the lives of Canadians:

Nova Scotia goes digital

In Eastern Canada, advanced technology is improving patient outcomes and lowering treatment costs. Watch the video.

Featured videos

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