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The Infoway Interoperability Solutions allow developers to implement interfaces to the electronic health record (EHR) faster and more efficiently. The solutions include improved documentation for developers and an open source plug-in for receiving and sending standards-based interoperability messages.

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Infoway Message Builder

Infoway Message Builder allows developers to focus on the business challenges of integrating their solution with each electronic health record implementation by abstracting the differences between different versions of pan-Canadian HL7 messaging and supporting current implementation constraints. Developers can build interfaces in a familiar development environment, using the programming language of their choice*, while the Message Builder API fosters quick and easy creation, population and access to HL7v3 requests and responses.

Infoway Message Builder offers a number of key features and benefits:

  1. Abstracts the complexity of HL7v3 messages and greatly simplifies the work of the developer when implementing them;
  2. Reduces the impact on developers from implementation variations;
  3. Enables companies to achieve Infoway product certification with greater confidence and reduced time;
  4. Enables developers to incorporate future message versions without re-writing their products.
  5. Can be embedded in software applications due to its open source distribution under a commercial-friendly Apache 2.0 license.

* The Message Builder libraries are available for Java and Microsoft NET. In addition, a simplified SML format is available with REST-based services for managing mapping to/from the simplified form to the target specification XML format.

Infoway's InfoCentral

The Infoway's InfoCentral provides developers who are implementing HL7 interfaces with an easy, single point of access to obtain the documentation, implementation guides, specifications and standards they need in order to build applications to connect and exchange health information with provincial and territorial EHR systems. With this single source, developers who implement in more than one jurisdiction can easily compare specifications and standards, reducing the time required to implement their solution.

InfoCentral offers a number of key features and benefits:

  1. Extensive, hyperlinked documentation for pan-Canadian and jurisdictional message standards and implementation guides;
  2. Embedded code snippets and examples;
  3. Consolidated access to all standards available to members of the Standards Collaborative including SNOMED CT;
  4. Community discussions and other resources – contributed by developers to help developers;
  5. Browse or search capability-through thousands of pages, postings and attachments.

Infoway Testing Environment

The Infoway Testing Environment allows developers implementing HL7 interfaces to test the integration of an application to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Infostructure, including testing transport level interoperability and privacy/security functionality. The Testing Environment mimics an EHR that supports current pan-Canadian standards and, wherever possible, specific jurisdictional implementations of these standards.

The Infoway Testing Environment offers a number of key features and benefits:

  1. Validates interoperable messages or Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents (semantically and structurally);
  2. Automates the testing of applications against sets of test cases and test data;
  3. Supports the creation and management of test cases and test data;
  4. Easily incorporates other systems into tests, allowing messages to be passed along for additional processing.

Infoway Terminology Tools

The Infoway Terminology Tools encompass terminology libraries, subsets and maps. Aside from containing tens of thousands of terms, Terminology Tools allow for the creation of maps (translations) between different coding schemes and different terminologies or nomenclatures-for example, mapping to/from SNOMED CT and other terminologies. The Terminology Tools maintain a repository of maps that have already been created, greatly reducing development efforts.

Infoway Message Re-Mixer

Infoway Message Re-Mixer is a web-based application that allows for the localization of pan-Canadian Standards (pCS) messages to meet jurisdictional requirements, all while maintaining the integrity of the original, standard message. InfowayMessage Re-Mixer facilitates easier and faster standards adoption and harmonization through the use of a common starting point and a common delta format.

Get connected to the Infoway Interoperability Solutions online.

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