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The certification process has four steps.

Step 1 Apply

Infoway will work with you to determine if you should submit your product for certification. As part of your decision-making process, you will be able to communicate with Infoway staff and review the full assessment criteria. Should you decide to proceed we will provide an application package.

To apply for pre-implementation certification you need to complete and submit an application package containing:

  1. An application for certification form;
  2. A self-assessment (that is to be completed and submitted as part of the application process);
  3. Two signed copies of the pre-implementation certification legal Agreement
  4. The application fee

Step 2 Assess

The assessment of your product is the critical step in the certification process. You must be ready to complete this step in the time allotted (90 days from submission of the Application Package). This will require you to have a team ready and able to explain all aspects of the solution in detail, including providing an in-depth demonstration. For pre-implementation certification, the assessment consists of two parts:

  1. Document Review – an expert review of your self-assessment attestation, and supporting documentation.
  2. Demonstration – scripted test scenarios (and test data) the applicant must follow in demonstrating their product to the assessment team in a non-production environment. This is typically via a web conference.

Step 3 Certify

Upon completion of the assessment phase Infoway will assemble the assessment results into a comprehensive report and will render the certification decision for the product. You will be notified within five working days of the certification decision.

Step 4 Maintenance

To maintain your certification, you are required to notify Infoway of adverse events as well as any product changes that may affect conformance with assessment criteria


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