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2015-2016 Summary Corporate Plan

Read about our key objectives and performance expectations for 2015-2016 to see how we will focus on improving the health and health care of Canadians through innovative digital health solutions.

Summary Corporate Plan

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Experiences and perspectives

Browse through stories and videos shared by clinicians, patient, and health care administrators on the journey to better health care through improved connection and access to health information.

EMR Pre-implementation Guide

The 5 success factors to deploying an EMR in your practice.

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EMR Pre-implementation Guide

Programs overview

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Since its inception in 2001, Infoway has received $2.1 billion in capitalization from the federal government, through five separate grants. Infoway has allocated these funds to 12 investment programs. The funds in these programs have been used to co-invest with the provinces and territories in more than 400 projects. These projects have focused on a variety of areas, such as deployment of EHRs, EMRs, telehealth, and public health surveillance systems. Investments have also supported pan-Canadian projects for architecture and standards, and have promoted adoption and use.

As of September 2014, 99 per cent of the funding has been approved for projects, and 77 per cent of the approved funds have been expended. Projects are in place across all jurisdictions.

Active/complete projects as of September 30, 2014

 Programs Map

The majority of projects from earlier grants are now complete or nearing completion. See the projects funded under the 2007 and 2010 federal grants received by Infoway.

Services overview

Infoway also offers technical services to help developers and implementers accelerate their efforts to deploy digital health solutions.

  • Certification Services: a national process to reduce cost and risk to vendors and purchasers of health IT solutions in Canada, and to ensure standards-based solutions are uniformly available across the country. Learn more.
  • Interoperability Solutions: tools that help developers implement interfaces to electronic health records faster and more efficiently. The solutions include improved documentation for developers and an open source plug-in for receiving and sending standards-based interoperability messages. Learn more.
  • Standards Collaborative: establishes and maintains pan-Canadian standards that ensure solutions are interoperable and can support the timely, effective, and secure exchange and management of health information across diverse clinical settings and across jurisdictions. Learn more.
  • Change management support: tools and a pan-Canadian network that aim to help realize the benefits of effective health information technology use. Learn more.
  • Emerging Technology Group: identifies, monitors and evaluates emerging technologies, and mature technologies that haven’t been fully applied, that look most likely to provide significant benefits to our health care system and the health of Canadians. Learn more.
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