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For Health IT Professionals

Health informatics and IT professionals are collaborating with provincial and territorial governments to develop a network of secure, scalable electronic health record (EHR) systems. These systems will enable patients and authorized Canadian health care providers to access secure, essential health records when and where they’re needed.

Here are a few areas of the website that you may find helpful.

Infoway’s Interoperability Solutions allow developers to implement interfaces to the electronic health record (EHR) faster and more efficiently. The solutions include improved documentation for developers and an open source plug-in for receiving and sending standards-based interoperability messages.

Infoway’s Certification Services provide a national process to reduce cost and risk to vendors and purchasers of health IT solutions in Canada.  The Infoway Certifications Services mark on health information solutions signifies their conformance with pan-Canadian privacy, security, and interoperability standards. The process is designed to ensure standards-based solutions are uniformly available across the country.

Browse through the Technical Documents section of our resources catalogue for documents like the EHR Blueprint, a validated business and technical architecture that guides the development of EHR solutions in Canada.  In fact, Infoway has been internationally recognized for its work on this unique framework.

The Infoway Standards Collaborative is a key resource for health information standards in Canada, fulfilling the following key functions. 

  • Establishment of  pan-Canadian standards that build the foundation for interoperability
  • Provision of  services to support and maintain these standards
  • Formal liaison role to international Standards Development Organizations

Members of the Standards Collaborative have access to products and services to help guide standards implementation and standards.

Learn more about Infoway’s privacy mandate, and access resources and materials resulting from the work done with the provinces and territories in this area.

Infoway’s ImagineNation Challenge wants to hear the stories of those in the health care industry that are making a difference for Canadians through digital health. Has your career been impacted by digital health? Has your business been impacted by public investments in digital health? Visit the website to learn more about the how you can enter the Challenge today. 

See who we work with in the health care and technology communities to ensure the perspectives and needs of Canadians and their health care providers are factored into health information solutions.