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The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in clinical practice is advancing across Canada. Health care professionals are working with electronic systems and seeing easier access to information needed for care decisions, improved communication and coordination with colleagues, and other important benefits.

When it comes to understanding the benefits and progress of interconnected electronic health record systems, Infoway together with the clinical community believe that knowing is better than not knowing. Explore the following topics using the links below or use our comprehensive site search function to find exactly what you need.

Knowing the progress and benefits: Learn about the progress and value of health information solutions in clinical practice.

Knowing is Better for Clinicians: Developed by clinicians for clinicians, a series of education resources including videos, presentations and articles were developed and available for your download and use. Browse the toolkit or learn more about how you can spread the word to your peers by taking part in the Clinical Champions Network.

Working with the clinical community: Engaging clinicians is a critical success factor in the use of health information technologies in clinical practice. Read about how we work with clinicians at all levels – in leadership, practice, and education - to ensure clinical value is achieved.

Support from your colleagues: Integrating health information technologies in your practice represents a significant shift for you and your team.  Below are a few key resources you may want to explore (also browse through the featured items at right):

  • The Pan-Canadian Clinician Peer Network Community which promotes the active engagement of health care providers involved in the implementation of health information and communication technology (ICT) systems across Canada. Find out more about the local peer support network in your area and what resources are available to support change and clinical transformation including lessons learned and leading practices.
  • Practicing change management is crucial to achieving effective and efficient use of information technologies for health in your practice. Thanks to the work of peer leaders engaged in managing change, a number of tools have been developed and are available for you to download from the Change Management Toolkit in the Resource Centre.
  • Next Generation - Clinicians in Training:  To prepare the next generation of clinicians for practice in modern technology-enabled clinical environments, Infoway has partnered with the association of faculties of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

The Consumer Health Solutions investment program was established to help Canadians better manage their own health, and the health of their loved ones by providing electronic access to health information and health care services such as appointment booking or requesting medication refills online.  The Program also presents the opportunity to identify, trial, and advance novel innovations in health care delivery through information technology, with strong potential to deliver value for clinicians and patients. Explore some of the investments opportunities in consumer health in the following areas:

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