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Infoway works as a strategic investor of funds provided by the Federal Government, in collaboration with the provinces and territories.

The Government of Canada

The federal government is funding the development of EHRs through Canada Health Infoway.

The funding from Health Canada, $2.1 billion dollars, was provided through a series of grants made between 2001-2010. Measures have also been put in place to ensure that Health Canada is able to fully account for Canada Health Infoway's use of the funding.

Canada Health Infoway

This not-for-profit organization was created in a collaborative effort by the federal, provincial and territorial governments in 2001 to accelerate the development and adoption of EHRs in Canada.

Its main
contributions are:

  • To coordinate the approach and standards guiding the development of EHRs in Canada
  • To co-invest in particular projects with the provinces and territories, which will support the development of the three core components of the EHR
  • To ensure clinical value is achieved by actively engaging the health care community in leadership, practice and education to support our mandate.

The Provincial and Territorial Governments

Each province and territory, as part of its overall health care responsibilities and priorities, is planning, developing and implementing its electronic health record components to meet its most urgent needs.

As a result, they are in different stages of development. To find out more about what is underway in your region, find your province/territory's link below:

Our contributions to transforming health care through health information technology include:

  • Jointly investing with the provinces and territories to implement the health information systems needed to manage Canadians' health and health care information in every region. 

    Our investment strategy may also complement other jurisdictional activities that support EHR development but are funded solely by a provincial or territorial government.  You can learn more about Infoway's funding strategies by visiting the Funding Approach and Programs/Services sections of our website.
  • Fostering and supporting adoption and use of health information technologies by clinicians  Infoway is working with the clinical community to ensure that value is achieved in information and communication technology (ICT) investments for health.  Physicians, pharmacists and nurses – in leadership, practice, and of the future – are brought together with this common goal. Visit our page for health care providers for an overview of the website sections that may be of most interest to you as a clinician.
  • Providing the technology Blueprint to guide the development of electronic health records in Canada. The EHR Blueprint is useful to information technology professionals in governments, health regionsand hospitals planning to implement electronic health record solutions. It is also valuable to technology vendors who want to align their products and services with Canada's vision for the interoperable electronic health record (iEHR.) Documentation on the EHR Blueprint can be found here in our Resources section.
  • Supporting and sustaining health information standards that enable interoperability and allow systems to share patient health information accurately and securely. You can learn more about the products and services Infoway's Standards Collaborative provides by downloading our Product and Service Highlights (2013), or by visiting the Standards Collaborative section of our website. If you are interested in Standards Collaborative membership, you can learn more about the benefits by visiting the Membership page on the website or register for membership on InfoCentral.
  • Providing tools and services for technology vendors, to help them accelerate their development efforts and to ensure that standards-based solutions are uniformly available across the country. Visit our page for health IT professionals for an overview of the website sections that may be of most interest to you.  

2015-2016 Summary Corporate Plan

Summary Corporate Business PlanRead about our key objectives and performance expectations for 2015-2016 to see how we will focus on improving the health and health care of Canadians through innovative digital health solutions.

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