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Patient Access

Today, 80 per cent of Canadians want access to their health records and other digital health solutions. Infoway regularly commissions research, surveys and focus groups to better understand the areas of patient access that need attention. This research highlights important issues for policy and decision-makers to consider as jurisdictions move forward with their consumer health strategies.

Areas of Research

Access for Adolescents

As the use of digital health technologies grows across Canada and consumer access to personal health information is facilitated, the issue of who should have access to adolescents’ (also known as mature minors) electronic personal health information has become increasingly apparent.

To better understand this topic, Infoway conducted research between December 2015 and March 2016 that included an environmental scan and literature review, a Pan-Canadian survey and focus groups, and a privacy legal framework review.

Engaging Canadians

To further understand what Canadians want, Infoway held the Better Health Together Workshop in March 2017. Thirty-four citizen participants from across Canada came together to learn and share about digital health. Together, they created the Citizens’ Vision for Better Health through Digital Solutions.

The vision realized through this Workshop was to improve the health of Canadians and to promote true and meaningful collaboration between patients, families, and their health care providers through universally-accessible, integrated digital technologies.


To gain a better understanding of the current nature of immunization record keeping practices in Canada, Infoway commissioned a research firm to conduct a survey and focus groups that explored parents’ experiences with managing their children’s immunization records and their attitudes towards accessible electronic immunization records (EIR).


Please visit the Consumer Health e-Services page for more information about Infoway’s Consumer Health Solutions investment program.

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