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ImagineNation Data Impact Challenge – What’s Hiding in Your Data? Add Your Piece to the Health Care Puzzle



May 12, 2015

Canada Health Infoway is launching a new ImagineNation Challenge to spur health care innovation.  Join this webinar to learn more about the latest addition to the ImagineNation Challenge family: The Data Impact Challenge.

Launching on May 12, 2015, the Data Impact Challenge is calling on analysts with authorized access to Canadian health data sets to answer important health questions that could help reimagine the future of the evidenced-informed decision making.

The Challenge objective is to source relevant information for a set of questions regarding appropriateness of care identified by policy-makers.  In doing so, it will also test the feasibility of a new mechanism for matching stakeholders who need information to help inform policy or practice decisions, with those who can provide that valuable input.


  • Fraser Ratchford, Group Program Director, Consumer Health & Innovation, Canada Health Infoway
  • Simon Hagens, Director, Benefits Realization, Canada Health Infoway
  • Kathleen Morris, Director, Health System Analysis and Emerging Issues, CIHI
  • Ciara Pendrith, Biostatistician, Women's College Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care

With up to $80,000 in awards available, learn how you can be part of this exciting Challenge.

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