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Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

May 29-30, 2020 in Vancouver, BC

Infoway is pleased to support the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, which offers physicians at all stages in their careers a chance to complement their clinical expertise with practical leadership and management skills, while providing opportunities to network and celebrate physician leadership.

Infoway Participation:

Finding balance within the new digital paradigm. How do our roles evolve as patient access to health information increases?

Learning Objectives:
In this session, physician leaders will:

  1. Learn about the current state of the Digital Health ecosystem in Canada, and future trends that are likely to shape Digital Health in the next 5 years.
  2. Learn about the link between Physician burnout and Digital Technologies and participate in a discussion on possible solutions.
  3. Participate in a discussion with Physician Leaders about patient access to health information, and how we can adapt to this new paradigm in health care.

Workshop Outline/Summary:
In this interactive session, participants will gain insight into Canada’s evolving Digital Health ecosystem – the progress to date, and the challenges that lie ahead. Physician burnout has been linked to digital technologies such as EMRs and EHRs, in a time when patient co-morbidity and complexity is increasing. Together with the guest speakers, participants will explore technological and societal trends and their impact upon clinicians’ ability to deliver care.


  • Dr. Rashaad Bhyat
  • Dr. Cathy Maclean
  • Ewan Affleck Ewan CM., BSc., MDCM

For more information, please visit the conference website.

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