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Innovation can be a small change that simplifies everyday tasks or it can be a big change that completely transforms the way we do something. It’s defined by the Council of Canadian Academies as “new or better ways of doing valued things,” and innovating health care means introducing new ideas, methods or technologies that promote faster, more efficient care and improved patient outcomes.

The digitization of health information has been an enabler of innovation. Whether you are a researcher studying a new treatment, a policy-maker looking for better funding models or an entrepreneur developing a new app, your work is enabled by the availability of digital information, which was considered an innovative concept not that long ago.

The application of innovation in health care has resulted in the ability to have your vital signs monitored from home when you are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), so that you can enjoy your life while still being cared for. It’s receiving a text from your health care provider to do a quick check in on your condition. It’s the ability to get involved in the management of your health conditions by accessing your lab results online.

Infoway understands the power of innovation and we are working with our partners to promote creative ways to deliver health care in Canada and improve the patient experience. Through our ImagineNation Challenges, we have inspired clinicians to find new ways to connect with their patients and each other. We have encouraged public health organizations to reach out to their target populations through social media, and helped reimagine the way important health care questions are answered using available data. Infoway also monitors emerging technologies and provides guidance to health care leaders, clinicians and IT professionals implementing new solutions. We continue to be committed to scaling innovative patient-centred solutions to help empower patients to actively engage in their own health care.

Innovation in Health Care

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