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Empowering Patients and Families

The goal of Infoway’s work is to benefit Canadians, so it is important that they have a strong and proactive voice and role. Our strategy includes:

  • Listening to the needs and perspectives of individual Canadians through surveys, focus groups, and innovation challenges to inform strategy and program development.
  • Amplifying the voice of patients and patient advocates, including engaging with them to increase awareness of, and drive support for, digital health. For example, the Better Health Together campaign aims to share Canadians’ stories and to inspire more people to learn about the value of digital health. A broad range of supporting organizations – including all federal, provincial and territorial governments; Patients Canada and Patients for Patient Safety; the Canadian Medical, Nursing, and Pharmacist Associations; and a number of health charities – joined this effort and help to spread its messages. The 2014-2015 campaign was read/seen/heard by Canadians more than 178 million times.
  • Investing in initiatives that directly address the priorities of individual Canadians for electronic access to their own personal health information and to health services. 
  • Influencing others so as to support patient engagement in improving health through digital solutions, as well as an environment more apt to adopt priority consumer health solutions, e.g., through research, knowledge translation, empowering patient storytellers, informing policy decisions, and supporting change management.


Digital health enables patients to better understand their condition and direct their wellness journey, putting them at the centre of their care.  Consumer health solutions such as patient portals[K,P1] , for example, give patients or care givers the ability to access their health information so they can do things like view lab results, consult their treatment history and confirm their information. Patients with chronic or serious conditions are better able to navigate care with multiple providers and ensure everyone on their care team has the most current information.

E-visits [K,P2] allow patients access to care closer to home, or at home, thus avoiding the inconvenience associated with unnecessary face to face visits to clinicians’ offices. Similarly, allowing those with chronic conditions to monitor their vital signs from home [K,P3] can improve their quality of life.

 [K,P1] Link to patient portals and e-views page

 [K,P2] Link to e-Visits page

 [K,P3] Link to RPM page

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