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Better Communication Means Safer Care

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Shelagh Maloney

Between 9,000 and 24,000 people die each year from preventable adverse events in hospitals. This is a startling stat and one we should keep top of mind as we approach Canadian Patient Safety Week, from October 26 to 30.

This year’s theme is the importance of good communication between patients and care providers in achieving safer care, and it’s one in which digital health can play an important role. Digital health cannot only help patients and care givers connect to vital information, it can facilitate faster and easier communication between and among the entire care team, which includes the patient.

Access to such information is empowering. The ability to access lab results or personal health records online means that patients are more knowledgeable and can have informed conversations with their health care providers. It means patients can double-check facts, look back to confirm a test result and refresh their memories of the details of their condition(s). It also means family members and authorized care givers can stay better informed.

In addition, digital health can enable patients to stay connected with their care team between face-to-face visits, through private and secure emails and e-visits.

Alexa’s story is an example of how the ability to access your health information online opens up the lines of communications between patients and providers:

Visit the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s website to learn more about how you can participate in Canadian Patient Safety Week or visit for more stories about how digital health is helping to make care safer in Canada.

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Shelagh MaloneyShelagh Maloney is responsible for managing key stakeholder relationships at Infoway, including those with patients, clinicians and the federal government, as well as the standards community. She is also responsible for performance analytics and coordinating and executing communication and marketing efforts in support of Infoway products and services.


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