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Another Year of Tremendous Progress for PrescribeIT™

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Bobbi Reinholdt

The PrescribeIT™ journey began three years ago with a commitment to the creation of a single, national e-prescribing service, enabling prescriptions to be electronically transmitted to a patient’s pharmacy of choice. By eliminating handwritten and faxed prescriptions, the service benefits Canadians by providing their clinicians with the digital tools they need to better manage their health, enhancing the patient experience and driving improved outcomes.

prescribeit progressThere was growing recognition that Canada was among the few developed countries that didn’t have a national e-prescribing service — a cornerstone that needs to be in place as we transform our health system from paper to digital. PrescribeIT™ is helping to accelerate that process.

Fast-forward to 2018, three provinces across Canada have implemented the limited production release of PrescribeIT™, and agreements are in place with nine jurisdictions to drive the expansion of this service across the nation. Jurisdictional momentum grew at a rapid rate as 2018 progressed, with the addition of new electronic medical record (EMR) and pharmacy management system (PMS) vendors, along with the onboarding of new pharmacies and community prescribers. This increased interest in the service was instrumental in exemplifying its value across the Canadian health care landscape.

The impact of PrescribeIT™ extends far beyond technology, as it has been integral in tackling opioid misuse. Our ongoing commitment includes:

  • Making it more difficult to falsify, steal or divert prescriptions.
  • Detecting prescription fraud quickly, and reducing fraud by eliminating handwritten prescriptions.
  • Providing enhanced support for narcotics monitoring programs.

We expect to continue making strides throughout 2019, increasing engagement with jurisdictions across the nation, while working with Health Canada, the provinces and territories, and health sector stakeholders to solidify our position as Canada’s national e-prescribing service.

I invite you to read our 2018 Update to learn more about the PrescribeIT™ journey.

If you have any comments about the update, I would be glad to hear from you!

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Bobbi ReinholdtBobbi Reinholdt

As a senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in the pharmacy/drug retail industry, Bobbi has executive experience in pharmacy, operations, information technology and human resources.

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