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Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge Winners Announced

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Timothy Luk, Maggie Clark, and Shahab Shahnazari

MaRS Discovery District (MaRS), the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research officially announced the winners of the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge at Health Datapalooza in Washington D.C. on April 26, 2018.

Visit the website to learn about Infoway’s own Data Impact Challenges, which helped inspired to launch the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge after reviewing Infoway’s successful Challenge strategy and approach.

Of the over thirty submissions, three winners were selected to receive a total award of $35,000. The three successful teams include:

  • Estimating sleep quality from natural phone use – Christine Anderl and team (University of British Columbia)
    A smartphone sensing application is used to predict sleep parameters solely from natural phone use. This approach is validated against objectively assessed indicators of sleep quality.
  • Smart home tech for public health surveillance – the UbiLab Team (University of Waterloo)
    Zero-effort technology is used for population-level monitoring of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep patterns at the household level.
  • The PHASStrak system - Robyn Stremler and team (University of Toronto)
    The PHASStrak (Physical Activity, Sleep, Sedentary behaviour tracking) App pairs with a wearable sensor for real-time data capture and analysis, enabling objective measurement of sleep to physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

MaRS and its partners are now working with the winning teams to validate and scale their prototypes and also explore the potential for integration of their technologies into public health surveillance practice.

The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge engaged Canada’s innovator community to identify novel mechanisms to measure indicators of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep. The diversity, creativity and quality of submissions speaks to the power of engaging the crowd and the ingenuity of Canadians overall.

More information on the challenge and the winners can be found on the Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge website.

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tim lukTimothy Luk

Timothy Luk is a Project Manager on the MaRS Data Catalyst team, working on health data initiatives. He manages projects that enable access to consumers’ health information, enable new digital health solutions to come to market, and redefine how novel data sources can support public health monitoring and interventions. He is a Project Management Professional.

maggie clarkMaggie Clark

Maggie Clark is an associate on the MaRS Data Catalyst team, working with health data initiatives. She coordinates projects which highlight Canadian-made health solutions and supports their integration into existing public health monitoring and surveillance systems. Maggie is a nutritionist by trade with a specialization in chronic disease management.

Shahab Shahnazari bioShahab Shahnazari

Shahab Shahnazari leads MaRS Data Catalyst’s work in the health space. Managing the MyHealth initiative, Shahab is working with a multi-disciplinary team to create an innovation platform that will give consumers control over their health data and allow them to share it with products and services that can support them in meeting their health and wellness goals.

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