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Five Years of Open Innovation at Infoway: The Impact of Innovation Challenges

Posted on September 21, 2016 by  Fraser Ratchford

In the first post in this blog series celebrating five years of ImagineNation Challenges, we described the results of the ImagineNation Challenges by the numbers. That post helped to illustrate scope and scale of what the challenges achieved. In this post, we take a reflective look on the more intangible impact of our challenges.

An open innovation challenge is an opportunity to inspire, connect, discover, create and achieve. Over the course of running 10 challenges, we’ve been able to leverage these opportunities to achieve various outcomes, within and beyond the challenges themselves.

The Impact of Innovation Challenges

The Impact of Innovation Challenges

Together these impacts and outcomes have helped to shape digital health in Canada over the last five years. We are trying to imagine what things will look like in the next five years — and we know that the legacy of the first 10 challenges will play a key role.

This blog series was produced to help celebrate ImagineNation Challenges 5th Anniversary. This is the fifth of seven blogs. To view other blogs in this series, click here.

fratchford 100Fraser Ratchford

Fraser has a passion for making a difference and focuses on improving the experiences of patients/consumers and clinicians alike. Fraser is the Group Program Director for Consumer Health and Innovation at Canada Health Infoway where he manages a broad portfolio of initiatives.


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