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What’s Hiding in Your Data?

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Simon Hagens

We at Infoway, and a few of our partners, had some nagging questions about our healthcare system. Questions for which we needed answers, but didn’t have them: duplication rates for tests and exams, follow-up rates for abnormal tests, or the impact of prompt discharge summaries on re-admission. I would imagine many of you have unanswered questions, too.

There is a plethora of information in various databases across the country that could be tapped to help inform health care decision making. However, identifying information sources and having privacy-sensitive analysis conducted can be a time consuming and complicated process. We wondered if there was another way of matching the data custodians with those seeking answers to questions.

In an effort to explore new ways to harness vast amounts of data more quickly and efficiently, the ImagineNation Data Impact Challenge was created. Working with our supporting organizations, and drawing on the specific health care and data analytics expertise of CIHI, CAHSPR and Choosing Wisely Canada, we are hoping to find a new way to deliver information to decision-makers more quickly.

We are calling on all researchers and analysts with authorized access to Canadian health data sets to answer some pressing health system questions and take part in up to $80,000 in awards!

Running from May 12 through July 15, the first Challenge submissions have rolled in, but we want to see more! Speed is part of the challenge, and there are still many “speed” points available. Check out our Challenge page and webinar to learn more.

So, tell me … what’s hiding in your data?

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shagens 100Simon Hagens leads performance analytics at Canada Health Infoway, informing Infoway and our partners with the evidence to deliver and optimize digital health for the benefit of Canadians and our health system.

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